Electrical Steel Sheets - Shape tomorrow today

Electromobility is an essential factor to support the reduction of CO2-emissions and to stop the ongoing increasing of the global temperatures. Therefore, high powerful electric motors must be developed.

Electrical steel sheets are the central preliminary product.

Further processes are punching, joining, producing of electric motors and their adaption in vehicles. All processes must accompany by testing the electric properties and by scientific research. IESSS should bring all partners of the specific value chain together, to exchange their experiences and to improve the power of electric vehicles. This is an elementary condition to increase customer acceptance of this technology. 


  • STEEL GRADES – compositions, microstructure, properties, homogeneity, dimensions, surface qualities, environmentally friendly isolations, production​

  • CUTTING TECHNOLOGIES – stamping, laser cutting, precision of pieces, surface and edge qualities​

  • JOINING TECHNOLOGIES – stack production, welding, interlocking, bonding, blacklack​

  • LAYOUT AND DESIGN of e-motors​

  • MODELLING, SIMULATION AND TESTING – materials, properties, components, joints,  processes, innovative testing methods, characteristic values, considering drive cycle for e-mobility, quality assessment and part integrity​

  • STANDARDISATION – procedures, characteristic values, sustainability and C-footprint​